WesBanco + STARsf/Allpoint Surcharge-Free ATM Network =
43,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs!

We're confident that you will be pleased with the additional convenience - and savings - that our partnership with STARsf/Allpoint Surcharge-Free ATM Network will provide to you.

Beginning June 1st, 2011 you can use your WesBanco ATM/Debit card in more than 43,000 ATMs worldwide -surcharge free! STARsf/Allpoint ATMs are also found in local, regional and national retail merchants across all 50 states, as well as globally with ATMs in Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom. To find a STARsf/Allpoint Surcharge-Free ATM go to:

AllpointNetwork.com or STAR.com

Type in the Zip code or city/state where you are or will be traveling. There's also a Mobile Allpoint App for iPhone, Blackberry, or Android devices available for download. You can also locate Allpoint SF ATMs by calling anytime at 1-800-809-0308

Plans to Travel with your Debit Card?

In order to protect our customers, WesBanco periodically blocks areas that are experiencing high levels of fraud activity from performing signature based transactions at points of sale. You will always have use of the card by using your Personal Identification Number(PIN) for transactions. If you believe you will need to perform signature transactions during your travels or have additional questions about blocking, please contact our Electronic Banking staff at 1-800-905-9043.

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