Professional Financial Planning

Financial planning is an important process to help you and your family reach specific goals. We have experienced a myriad of circumstances that have presented challenges to clients that benefited from our unbiased approach.

We live in a global economy that is increasingly impacted by geopolitical events. Many individuals do not have the resources and background to be able to anticipate the impact of these events on their financial well being. We offer access to a wide array of mutual funds and separately managed accounts. Through a disciplined, active investment approach, we are able to design a portfolio strategy that will achieve your objectives.

Your personal financial plan will be based on your assets and family situation, and it will address both immediate and long-range concerns. Periodically we will review your plan with respect to changes in your circumstances to ensure that it does exactly what's best for you.

WesBanco's trust officers will work with you, your attorney, your accountant, and other appropriate advisors to develop a financial plan that is tailor-made for you. And once you have an account set up with WesBanco you can view your account online with TrustLink.

Not a deposit       Not FDIC insured       Not insured by any federal government agency
Not guaranteed by the bank       May go down in value

Financial Calculator

Explore your own financial information in greater detail by using these powerful tools for forecasting and assessing your financial choices.

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