Mobile Site

Introducing the most intelligent way to bank

Check your balance, transfer your funds, view your account history, all from the palm of your hand. You’ll never have to wonder if you can afford that blouse or that big screen TV again.

Sounds great! How do I access the Mobile Site?

Step 1 - Get your Activation Code

In order to ensure your security, we require a one-time activation process to enroll your mobile-device in our Mobile Banking system.  This process ties YOUR mobile-device to YOUR Online Banking account, thereby making it impossible for any mobile-device but the one you enrolled through the following process to access your account via the Mobile Website or through our Text Banking service.

  1. First, you must be an existing Online Banking customer.  Not enrolled in Online Banking?  No problem!  Enroll today.
  2. Provided you're already an Online Banking customer, login to your account:
  3. Once logged in, click the "User Services" tab:
  4. In the "User Services" section, click the link titled "Mobile Enrollment":
  5. Depending on your Browser / Pop-Up settings, you will either be redirected to the Mobile Banking enrollment site, or see the following page.  If you aren't redirected, simply click the button that says "Click here":
  6. You should now be in the main Mobile Banking enrollment site. Click either of the "Add phone" links:
  7. Next, enter your mobile carrier, your mobile phone number, and after reviewing the "Terms and Conditions of Use", check the button next to "I accept the Terms and Conditions of Use".  Finally, click "Enroll>>" to proceed.
  8. You will now asked which services you'd like to activate.  At a minimum, to use the Mobile Banking Website, "Mobile Banking" must be selected.  If you'd like to active Text (SMS) Banking, you may do so at this time too.  Click here to learn more about our Text (SMS) Banking product"Text Banking" is not required for the Mobile Banking Website to function.  You may enable or disable this feature at your discretion.   After selecting your desired services, click "Continue>>".  Note: the following screenshot shows both "Text Banking" and "Mobile Banking" being selected for activation:
  9. Finally, you'll be presented with your "Activation Code".  You'll need to make a note of this, as it's required to finalize the activation of Mobile Banking and, if selected, Text Banking.

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