Cash Management tailored to fit your growing business.

WesBanco Treasury Management Solutions are a smarter way to make sure your business has the cash on hand to take care of business. Everyday.

We are dedicated to assisting you achieve your financial goals. Our services help corporate customers manage their cash resources by helping them achieve maximum efficiency and optimum interest earnings. And our Regional Treasury Management Officers can provide a complete analysis of your deposit account structure to recommend and propose Treasury Management Services tailor-fit to your businesses individual needs.

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Treasury Management Services

Remote Capture

Our Remote Capture Service extends the use of electronic clearing of checks for deposit to your account each day. Remote capture allows you to improve funds availability and cash flow by making check deposits electronically without leaving your office.

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We offer Retail and Wholesale Lockbox services that expedites the processing of your account receivables. Our lockbox service enables you to have access to incoming payments faster, enhancing cash flow while simultaneously creating efficiency through reduction of clerical time allocated to processing the payments.

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CD Rom

Digital images of statements and canceled checks are available via WesBanco's CD-ROM statement delivery method. With the CD-ROM, the front and back of checks can be viewed and printed. Optionally, checks deposited can be retrieved, which may be extremely beneficial to your business. There is no external software to purchase and the CD includes the database management tools to allow you to perform searches for checks by date, debit or credit or by dollar amount.

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Through WesBanco’s Sweep Service, your daily cash management process has never been easier. There is no need to monitor cash balances and initiate fund transfers between various accounts. Our Sweep Service does the work for you. Our sweep transfers are automated and occur at the end of the processing day, requiring no manual effort. Through daily, automated transfers we move more funds quicker, increasing investment income opportunities or reducing loan balances.

Sweep accounts involve investments in repurchase agreements. These obligations are not deposits, are not insured by the FDIC, are not guaranteed in any way by the bank, the United States government or any agency thereof, and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principle invested.

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Zero Balance Accounting

Zero Balance Accounting is a powerful tool utilized by businesses to consolidate funds and improve overall cash management. Zero Balance Accounts can empower your business to automatically control the transfer of funds between accounts. All collected balances from one or multiple accounts will be ‘swept’ into a master or consolidation account and will only transfer back when needed to fund incoming debits to the individual accounts.

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Merchant Services - Referrals

Through this service, businesses receive the ability to accept credit cards, debit, gift cards, checks, and much more. The merchant will receive funds, which are direct deposited, typically within 24-48 hours. Merchant service processing for WesBanco is through a partnership with First Data Corporation.

About First Data
First Data provides payment processing services to the world’s largest financial services providers, to the merchant around the corner and to businesses of all sizes around the world. First Data offers:

  • Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® Network and American Express® – all organized onto one statement.(certain restrictions may apply)
  • Quick access anywhere, anytime with Online Reporting.
  • Choose from a wide variety of advanced processing technology including wireless, Internet and PC-based options.
  • Innovative payment options for credit cards, pin-based debit, gift cards, electronic check acceptance and more.

Credit Cards
Accept credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® Network, American Express®, Diners Club® and JCB®.
Debit Cards
Personal Identification Number (PIN) based and signature based debit transactions are the fastest growing form of electronic payment. This method of payment is convenient for customers and offers merchants reduced fraud, faster checkout times and higher ticket averages.
Gift Cards
Allows a business to build a brand and increase sales with gift cards. Gift cards bring in new customers and gift card customers tend to spend more than just the value of the gift card.
Electronic Check Conversion
Minimize returned checks by turning a paper check into an electronic purchase at the point of sale using TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance®. Electronic checks are deposited directly into a merchant’s account within 48 hours.
Accepting cards is easy with First Data’s innovative card acceptance solutions. Whether a merchant needs a wireless solution or one integrated with a PC – First Data has the equipment to help.

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Merchant Processing

With Merchant Processing an individualized processing solution will be designed to meet your business needs.

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Business Credit Card

In order to stay competitive and take advantage of purchase discounts, businesses need quick access to cash or credit. WesBanco offers complete payable solutions through our Corporate Credit Card. Multiple cards may be issued, with individual limits established for each, with a combined statement detailing all activity.

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ACH Services

Through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, a business can pre-authorize the bank to make payments on their behalf or receive deposits electronically. This service is helpful for businesses with routine payments or receipts.

  • Eliminates time spent preparing checks and actual cost of checks;
  • Convenient method for payment of routine expenses.

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Payroll Direct Deposit

Through WesBanco’s Payroll Direct Deposit Service, employee’s wages and salaries can be electronically deposited into their account at WesBanco or any other banking institution on payday. Imagine eliminating standing in long, teller lines on Friday afternoons for your employees or alleviating their worry about picking up their check while out of town or on vacation!

  • Eliminates need to issue costly payroll checks and creates efficiency;
  • Information can be sent by direct transmission in NACHA format via computer, tape or disk format. (Software available if needed);
  • Pay available at 6:00 AM payday morning.

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Commercial Management Line of Credit

All businesses require working capital to smooth out ups and downs of the cash flow cycle. WesBanco’s Cash Management Line of Credit can provide the flexibility you need to more effectively manage your cash flow.

  • Automatically linked to any specified deposit account to provide overdraft protection eliminating costly overdraft fees;
  • Funds short-term cash flow needs;
  • Excess deposit balances can be applied to credit line on a daily basis;
  • Approval granted by Corporate Banking Dept. through normal underwriting requirements.

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For all customer service needs, including a lost or stolen debit card, please click the CUSTOMER SERVICE tab above or contact us at
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